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Retirement Planning: Setting SMART Goals

April 22, 2024

Retirement Planning: Setting SMART Goals


Financial security in retirement doesn't happen by chance. It needs to be strategically planned with precision. Enter the SMART goals framework, tailored for retirement planning – and who better to guide you than IntentGen Financial Partners?


Getting SMART About Your Retirement Planning

Retirement might seem like a distant horizon, but the truth is, the sooner you start planning, the better your retirement phase will be. To ensure your post-work life is filled with purpose and leisure, here's how to set SMART goals for your retirement:


Specific: Defining Your Retirement Vision

The first step in creating a SMART goal for retirement is to identify what you want. Do you see yourself traveling frequently, spending more time with family, or pursuing hobbies you didn't have time for during your working years?

Vision boards and detailed descriptions of a "perfect day" in your retirement can help you get specific. IntentGen's financial experts can then tailor your strategy to achieve those specific retirement dreams.

Measurable: Quantifying Your Retirement Needs

It's one thing to dream, but it's another to break those dreams down into measurable components. Start by calculating how much money your retirement vision will realistically require.

At IntentGen, we encourage clients to make use of our proprietary financial tools to accurately measure the financial targets of retirement, infusing precision into the planning process.

Achievable: Ensuring Your Retirement Goals Are Within Reach

While you don't want to stifle your dreams, it's essential to be realistic about what's achievable. Your SMART retirement goals must be aligned with your projected income, investment growth, and any anticipated future financial changes.

Our advisors help set attainable retirement targets, ensuring they're within the realm of possibility, and provide financial advice on strategies to reach them sooner.

Relevant: Making Your Retirement Goals Part of Your Life Plan

Retirement planning isn't isolated from the rest of your financial life. It's important to craft relevant goals that enhance your overall life satisfaction and financial health.

The IntentGen team specializes in weaving retirement goals into a comprehensive life plan tailored to your financial circumstances and life goals, making every step count toward the end goal.

Timebound: Setting a Timeline for Retirement Milestones

Finally, a SMART retirement goal has a timeline. You should have clear dates for key retirement planning activities, such as when you want to have a certain amount saved, plan to downsize your home, or initiate that retirement transition process.

We can help you set clear and realistic timelines for your SMART retirement goals, holding you accountable and ensuring that every milestone is met.

How IntentGen Can Help You Achieve Your Retirement Goals

IntentGen has goals, too. One of ours is to provide the information, advice, and support you need to make wise, intentional financial choices, especially when planning for retirement. Through comprehensive experiences and a variety of partnership paths—from in-depth financial planning to more streamlined sessions—our approach is tailored to your unique financial circumstances and retirement ambitions.

Whether it's controlling your cash flow, protecting your assets, optimizing your investment portfolio, or ensuring tax efficiency, IntentGen's Wise with Money Partnership is designed to provide a roadmap for achieving your SMART retirement goals. Our team is comprised of dedicated Financial Advisors and Certified Financial Planners who offer personalized advice and guidance on a host of financial decisions.

At the core of our services is a deep commitment to helping you understand every aspect of your personal finance. Because you are unique, your financial planning should reflect that. A partnership with IntentGen ensures that your retirement strategy is based on sound financial principles and as unique as your fingerprints.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a trusted resource that can offer clarity, direction, and financial peace of mind as you march toward retirement. To learn more about how IntentGen Financial Partners can help you with your retirement planning and financial security, visit us at or call us at (630) 821-6990 for a consultation.

Retirement is a chapter in your life that should be embraced, not feared. With the SMART goals approach and the dedicated support of IntentGen Financial Partners, this chapter can be written with confidence, security, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your financial house is in order.

Your dream retirement is just a SMART goal away.