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Do You Need A Lawyer To Make A Will?

March 01, 2023

Do You Need A Lawyer To Make A Will?

Your last will and testament ensure that your property and assets go to your chosen heirs according to your wishes. Do I need a lawyer for a will? Since the advent of the internet, do-it-yourself legal websites have encouraged people to prepare their own will rather than go to an attorney. We’ve created a guide to help you decide if you need a Naperville will and testament lawyer or if you should try to go it alone. 

What Is a Will?

A will is a legal document outlining what will happen to your assets after you die. The person who makes the will is a testator, and the executor executes the document. Your will declares your wishes as to who should get real estate, possessions, or financial assets, and you can also name a guardian for minor children. Many people prefer to consult an estate planner when preparing their will.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Will?

You can draw up a legal document using a do-it-yourself kit or a legal website, line up a couple of witnesses, and find out if your state requires your will to be notarized. This is fine if you have a simple estate, but if there are questions, like how to apportion your property, reduce beneficiaries’ tax burden, or ensure everything is legal in the Napperville area, you may want to talk to a lawyer.

When to Use a Will and Testament Lawyer

It is relatively easy to write up a will, but estate planning ensures that everything is correct and according to your wishes — and this can get more complicated. Here are some reasons why you might want to get help with your will:

  • Have everything included - Wills are not just a list of who gets the china and jewelry. There are many types of assets, and an attorney can help you list everything to be sure you didn’t miss anything.
  • See that everything is legal in your state - Every state has its own probate laws, which a Plainfield attorney will be familiar with. Do-it-yourself templates can be outdated as laws change. An attorney will be on top of any updated or new laws.
  • Protect your family - A legal professional will be able to advise you on ways to reduce the amount of taxes your beneficiaries will need to pay after you die.
  • Ensure your interests are protected - When attorneys prepare a will, they usually create other documents, like medical and financial power of attorney forms to let someone else make important decisions if you become incapacitated before you die.

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