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Our Team

Meet the Team

We've found a team approach to be the most effective method to help clients who have a wide variety of needs as they maneuver through complex financial situations. That's why we've built a strong team of financial advisors and support staff with diverse skills and specializations to guide you down any path you may be on.

As an independent practice and as a member of the Thrivent Advisor Network, we retain the best that Thrivent offers – but can now serve you and your community in ways even greater than we could before.

Our Philosophy

We want you to be empowered through our personalized service and planning, customized strategies, world class solutions and a committed partnership with our team. To help ensure this, we've built our philosophy to working with you on the balance of four key principles:

Our Process

We gain understanding of your situation by helping you articulate your personal and financial priorities.

Our History

We help you attach intention and purpose to how your money is used.

Our Values

We create a sense of confidence around your long-term goals, so you feel at ease to spend, share, and save.

Our Resources

You feel unrivaled confidence and positivity about your financial decisions.

Core Values

When you are working with our team, we would expect that you would experience each of us living out these Core Values personally and professionally.