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Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

October 15, 2023

Should I Refinance My House to 15 Years? | IntentGen

With the fluctuating state of the economy and interest rates, one of the pressing mortgage refinance questions many homeowners are asking is, "Should I refinance my mortgage?" Making such a decision can be overwhelming, especially if you've only got five years left on your mortgage. We're here to help shed light on the factors you should consider.

Key Factors to Consider

1.) Current Interest Rates

If the current interest rates are significantly lower than when you took out your mortgage, refinancing could lead to substantial savings. However, you should also weigh the closing costs against potential savings.

2.) The Duration of Your Loan

If you have five years left on your mortgage, refinancing to a longer-term might spread out your payments but could result in paying more interest over time. Conversely, the thought might cross your mind, "Should I refinance my house to 15 years?" This could lead to higher monthly payments but lower interest costs in the long run.

3.) Your Financial Goals

What's more important to you? Lower monthly payments or paying off your mortgage sooner? If you're nearing retirement, for instance, you might prefer to have your home paid off, which means not stretching out the term further.

4.) Home Equity

If you have a considerable amount of home equity, you might be in a position to drop Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) with a refinance. This could lead to cost savings.

5.)Your Credit Score 

A higher credit score could qualify you for better rates. It's a factor worth considering before delving into mortgage refinance questions.

Scenario: Five Years Left on Your Mortgage

If you have only five years left on your mortgage, you're approaching the end of your repayment journey. But here's the twist - is it still worth it to refinance? Consider the following:

  • Interest Savings: With five years left, you primarily pay off the principal. Refinancing might not offer much in terms of interest savings.
  • Closing Costs: Refinancing isn't free. Even if you're thinking, "Should I refinance my house to 15 years?" bear in mind the closing costs. They could outweigh the benefits.
  • Long-term Financial Impact: Stretching your loan to a 15-year term when you have just five years left means you'll be in debt longer. But if it aligns with your financial strategy, it might be a fit for you.

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Addressing mortgage refinance questions is essential in making an informed decision. If you're wondering, "Should I refinance?" or specifically, "Should I refinance my house to 15 years?", the answer truly lies in your financial situation, goals, and the current state of the mortgage market.

Remember, every situation is unique. Before deciding, consult with a financial advisor or mortgage professional at IntentGen or visit us in Naperville to evaluate all angles and ensure your choice aligns with your financial objectives. Contact us with any questions or to learn more!