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Can You Write Off Charitable Donations?

When it comes time to do your taxes at home near Naperville, many people often wonder how to write off donations to charity on taxes and how much do you need to donate to charity to write off on taxes. Charitable tax donations are to reduce your taxable income and your tax bill. Learn more about charitable tax deductions below, explore our other tax resources, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

How Much Do You Need to Donate to Charity to Write Off on Taxes?

To lower your tax bill, you must itemize your taxes. This is generally done when the combined total of your anticipated deductions, which includes charitable donations, add up to more than your standard deduction. Is there a max amount to claim? The most you can deduct is usually up to 60% off your adjusted gross income.

To take your tax deduction for your charitable contributions, you need to decline the standard deduction for the itemized deductions. What does this mean? When you're listing out your ductions, they must add up to more than a standard deduction. Your most common expenses that qualify include:

  • Mortgage interest
  • State and local tax
  • Charitable giving
  • Medical and dental expenses

What to Do to Claim a Charitable Donation? 

After donating to a charity, below are the steps to take if you're taking a deduction:

  • The non-profit organization should be a 501(c)(3) public charity or private foundation.
  • Ask for a tax receipt from the charity and hang on to it.
  • For non-cash donations, be sure to get a qualified appraisal to show proof of the deduction's value that you're claiming.
  • With the paperwork ready, itemize your deductions and file your tax return.

Learn More About Your Taxes and Charitable Donations with IntentGen

For additional information about writing off charitable donations or doing your taxes in general, check out our various resources and guides! We're proud to be your resource for taxes, investments, retirement, estate, and more! Doing your taxes no longer has to be a stressful task — and our expert team can help! Contact us if you have any questions!