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Investment Management

Your Money. Your Purpose. 

Invest Intentionally

Our fiduciary approach to investment management:

  • Diversified
  • Long-term
  • Disciplined


When you work with us, you benefit from our partnership with more than 30 seasoned research professionals who consistently study, analyze and understand the financial markets.
By leveraging their knowledge and research platforms, we're able to offer you unbiased, objective guidance while also capitalizing on the ever-changing investment landscape.
This helps ensure you’re well-positioned to make purposeful financial decisions and feel empowered to live intentionally.

The Best of Both Worlds
We partner with Fidelity as our qualified custodian to securely hold the investments that you entrust to us. They're placed with Fidelity's clearing firm, which handles the execution, clearance and settlement of transactions.
Although Fidelity is our custodian, the world is your investment option! Working with Fidelity allows us to utilize almost any investment solution, stay focused on you and your portfolio, and have confidence that the details of your accounts are documented and maintained by one of the most trusted custodians. Autonomy and Fidelity… It's the best of both worlds!

Our Investment Process

We emphasize that investing is more about time in the market—not timing the market.
Our thoughtful and personalized process helps you build an ideal, long-term strategy that can proactively adjust to market changes while keeping your goals and values as the priority.

Client Centered
  1. Develop objectives
    • Gather information about your:
      • Risk Tolerance
      • Distribution needs
      • Time frame
  2. Stress test
    • Run objectives-based simulations to draw assumptions on your portfolio's performance.
  3. Optimize
    • Stress test your portfolio's performance in a variety of market scenarios.
  4. Reassess and Update
    • Regularly revisit your strategy and adjust as needed to help ensure you're on track.

Resources and Market Commentary